How To

Submit Ultrasound Record

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Starting Point

In order to submit Ultrasound record, start from the main Dashboard.

Required Fields

The only required fields are as follows:

  • Animal
  • Ultrasound Date
  • Ultrasound Weight


  1. Go to My Options.
  2. Select “Submit Ultrasound Records” from under Performance Data.
  3. In the “Mass Assign” portion of the form, you may assign a premise other than your own. This is performed by searching within the “If Different: Search for Premise” text field. Note: This will perform a real-time search.
  4. Fill out the Ultrasound form will all available information.
  5. Press the Commit Data button when you’re done filling out the form.
  6. Any required fields that have not been filled out will be highlighted in red.
  7. Fill out any required fields and commit data. You will get an alert on the top and bottom of the screen illustrating that your documents have been submitted.

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